Duterte: From Mayor To President of the Philippines

Rodrigo Duterte is practically sure to end up as the new president of the Philippines, after a tough election campaign where he was considered as an outcast. He has labeled himself as a humble man with less ties to oligarchs that other candidates have.


His supporters say that with his tough character, he will solve the large portions of the nation’s issues, however his faultfinders say he will bring back the dictatorship of the past.

Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte was born in 1945 into a prominent family of politicians.

His father was a former provincial governor, and his family had ties with the powerful Duranos and Almendrases families in Cebu region where his father was a former mayor.

Duterte was a lawyer and rose to become state prosecutor before he was appointed as vice-mayor in Davao.

He became the mayor of Davao in 1988, he was the mayor for utmost 10 years, before obtaining a seat in congress and then returning to the mayoral office in 2001.

He built his reputation by fighting some of massive problems that the Philippines is facing. All problems were dropped during his leadership, making Davao as one of the safest city in the Philippines.

Under his supervision, the city assembled an expansive coordinated crisis reaction center and established a three-digit crisis number – something underestimated in numerous nations however a revolution in the city at the time.

So called as both a communist and a reformist, his economic policies throught campaign election have been unclear.

He assures the people that he would continue on his tough stance on crimes and develop public infrastructure as president,

His foreign policies are also hard to parse and talked a confrontational stance with China that he would ride a jet ski to scarborough shoal that China controls, and stick a Philippine flag on it.

He has always been clearer on the peace process in restless Mindanao, his political back yard.

He is most surely known for making impromptu remarks that would bring inconvenience for more conventional politicians.

He once called the pope ” the son of a whore” in a primarily devoted Roman Catholic nation; joked that, as mayor, he should be the first to rape the Australian missionary killed in a prison riot; intimidate the criminals to kill them without trial – something that is he accused of allowing it in Davao; and vows to suspend law based principles on the off chance that they get in his direction.

He is somebody who will do what is necessary to complete things, that have frightened his rivals.

He was hitched twice, he has four children, one of whom – daughter Sara – assumed to control as mayor for a term before he continued office. He is currently single, yet has state to have a few girlfriends.

Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-36253676


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