Duterte Names 5 Police Generals Allegedly Involved in Illegal Durgs

In his speech during the 69th commemoration of the Philippine Air Force, the President sprung a surprise on national TV when he named five police commanders, including three still in active duty, he said were involved in illegal drugs.

Duterte named the he officers who are still in active duty are former Region 6 Director Bernardo Diaz, former NCRPO Director Joel Pagdilao and former QCPD Director Edgardo Tinio. The two who have retired are Vicente Loot, who is currently mayor of Daan Bantayan, and former Deputy Director General Marcelo Garbo.


“As of now, I order them to be relieved from their assignments and report to the director general. I might want to converse with them however I would expect that the police commission will do their thing,” Duterte said.

In an interview, Trinio told CNN Philippines he has never been involved in any illicit activity.

“I’m willing to subject myself to a lie detector test, and I’m willing to subject my cellphones to forensics,” Tinio said.

There was no prompt response from other officers Duterte named.

The President’s command to the National Police Commission was clear — “Imbestigahan niyo ito at wag niyo akong bigyan ng sarswela. Hanapin niyo ang totoo,” he said.

[Translation: Investigate this and don’t give me theatrics. Find out the truth.]

Duterte convey his distress, saying PNP authorities involved in the illicit drug trade in the country have committed treason.

“Masakit na pakinggan kasi ginastusan mo na, pinaaral mo na, binigyan mo ng uniporme, pati medyas,” he said.

[Translation: This torments one to hear this since you spent for them, you gave them education, you gave them uniform, you even gave them socks.]

More than being a politician, Duterte said he has an ethical commitment to tell the truth to the nation.

“It’s truly not my practice to shame individuals,” he said. “Pulitiko ako … pero dumating ako sa posisyon na ito, and I have obligation to tell the truth to the Filipino people.”

[Translation: I’m a politician … yet I was chosen to this position, and I have a obligation to tell the truth to the Filipino people.]

The President cautioned authorities not to get involved in the drug trade because of the lethal consequence.

“Marami ng namamatay, at marami pang mamamatay. At wag kayo sumali dyan maski opisyal kayo, since you will place yourself in the line of flame,” Duterte said.

[Translation: Numerous have died and more will die. Don’t get involved, regardless of the fact that you are authorities, because you will place yourself in the line of fire.]

“I’ve been cautioning everyone. Do not to destroy my nation because I will kill you. Do not to destroy the youth of my nation since I will kill you,” he included.

The President tapped the Armed Forces of the Philippines in the battle against illegal drugs and criminality.

He likewise expressed gratitude toward previous President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for paving the way for him, when she raised the issue of unlawful illegal drugs as a threat to national security during her administration.

“It will be a bloody battle, however I am not going to apologize for it. I expect full legal responsibility regarding it,” he told the military.

“Wag kayo matakot basta nasa tama kayo,” he said.

[Translation: Don’t be afraid of long as you are in the right.]

The President likewise said he will stake his honor, his life, and even the presidency just to ensure that he will win this fight.

Duterte conceded, it might be troublesome for him to totally stop the illegal drug trade in six months, which he promised during the election campaign, yet he said he will come close to it. “Six months and one day after, medyo tapos na (it will pretty much be done),” the President said.

Tinio, who was in his quarters when Duterte specified his name as among senior PNP officers allegedly involved in drugs, said he will promptly answer to PNP Chief Ronald Dela Rosa and will open himself to any investigation.

Tinio said he doesn’t know why Duterte had connected him to the illegal drug trade.

“I’m shocked that my name was dragged into this mess,” he said.

Tinio promised to clear his name and retire early.

Duterte said he believes the restoration of death penalty will impart fear among criminals. Death penalty is not primarily intended to deter criminals but to exact retribution for their crimes, he said.

Turning to the military, Duterte guaranteed to provide the air force with more gear to empower it to perform difficult operations.

“Ibibigay ang lahat ng kailangan n’yo (We will give all that you require), I will see to that,” the President said. “We will procure more helicopters and night vision ability.”

Source: CNN Philippines


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