Meet Dr Gia Sison, Clinician and CMO of a non-stop telehealth facility in the Philippines #doctors20

How fortunate I am to meet such extraordinary  people, thanks to the intersection of the worlds of digital health and social media; digital health innovators tend to have an active social media life which makes it easier to reach out.

And now, you too can meet the amazing Gia Sison, MD.  Gia Sison will join us in Paris, May 26-27 at Doctors 2.0 & You, where she will speak about her very active experience in a busy telehealth center, in a country sorely lacking in access to care.


Q1. Tell us a bit about yourself. What is your daily life as a clinician and a digital specialist in the Philippines like?
I’m your ordinary doctor with an extraordinary mission as a patient too. I’m a certified workaholic and a passionate advocate of health and social media. My daily life moves around digital health, I head a group of doctors as their Chief Medical Officer running a 24/7 facility for Telehealth services in the Philippines. I see patients during weekends usually Saturdays and I find time to be a brand ambassador of a fitness facility who believes that Exercise is Medicine, so I walk the talk with a simple wearable my Fit Bit and my iWatch as a firm believer of digital health.

Q2. You have a second specificity, as a former cancer patient. Can you tell us how that impacted your professional life after that episode?
Here’s my sentimental take on my whole experience– As a physician I can only hope and pray for the best being aware of the statistics in medicine. As a warrior my faith does not allow any room for doubt, just complete belief that a Higher Power will complete my belief for complete healing and a miracle. As a patient I cannot help but empathize more than others.
Q3. I know as well that you practice « good health habits »…How is that working out?
So far I am putting the health is wealth up into practice walking the talk, literally making time for physical activity doing circuit training after work. Really dead serious about it. I eat moderately though and I am more conscious with what I buy too, no parabens for me.

Q4. We know that bandwidth is an issue in the Philippines, but, besides Facebook, can you tell us which apps you use personally and professionally?
I am a strong Twitter user and my cloud space is probably more than what it can contain. I rely heavily on One Note, my iWatch is overused. I believe Instagram should be used also to promote health but at the same time also contain happy candid moments. I like Figure 1, Doodle, Netflix, Periscope.

Q5. Finally, you’ve never been to Doctors 2.0 & You. But you have gotten a lot of exposure to it online. So, what do you value about this event? What made you want to participate?
The honor of being able to share my own experience in digital health from a Philippine perspective. I value the collaboration in Doctors 2.0 & You and the strong friendships developed just like you and me and the chance to also share a part of me with all of you.

Q6. And please give us a teaser about what you might discuss in Paris, during your talk?
It’s about telehealth in the Philippines being a shy typed culture in innovation, building on empathy-driven questions during phone consults and how we have overcome the hurdles when we first launched it.

You can meet Dr Gia Sison on May 26-27 in Paris at beautiful Cité Universitaire.

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