How Piolo wants to celebrate Fathers Day with son Iñigo

Manila, Philippines – Actor Piolo Pascual said he and son Iñigo became closer when the latter turned 18 because “we were finally able to share stories that my son felt ashamed to tell me before.”

Iñigo (left), Piolo (right)

“More than being a dad, I try to be a barkada (friend) to him. Now that I’m 40 and he’s almost 20, our relationship has become more solid. He gets to share things about his work and personal life with me, as well as his concerns,” said Piolo in an interview after the launch of Sun Life Financials’ newest collection of digital films, “Sun Shorts.”

Piolo said it was never hard being Iñigo’s father. “I’ve never had to lay a hand on him. He was never stubborn. He’s humble, and he listens. I didn’t have a hard time raising him at all,” the actor shared.

What makes Piolo sad is that he and Iñigo never get the opportunity to hang out much recently. “When he isn’t in school, he’s at work. Whenever I say he should spend more time with his father, he’d tell me that I was just like him when I was his age. He says he’s just following my footsteps, so I keep quiet.”

This is the reason Piolo anticipates Father’s Day on June 18. “When my own dad was still alive, we’d always prepare something for him. It’s a time when we can make our fathers feel truly special. Every year on that day, Iñigo would always do something very personal for me—like, he’d give me a card. I’m hoping to spend the whole day with him.”

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On June 17, Piolo said he would be seen on “Maalaala Mo Kaya” as the generous father Ryan Arebuabo of Tondo, Manila, whose photo recently went viral after it was uploaded on Facebook. The photo demonstrates a skinny man watching over his two daughters while they eat fried chicken at a fast-food restaurant.

“I said ‘yes’ to it because it’s a nice story. What he did was very noble. I didn’t know that he went through so much in life. I had a hard time portraying the role,” Piolo said. “But his story is what the drama anthology is all about. It showcases stories that touch the hearts of Filipino viewers.”

At the Sun Life launch, former ABS-CBN president and “Maalaala Mo Kaya” host Charo Santos-Concio had been extremely vocal about needing to see Piolo work again with former onscreen partner Judy Ann Santos. Asked for his response, Piolo stated: “I’m just waiting for Juday’s availability. I’ve learned so much from working with her. We did a lot of TV soaps and films together. I owe her a lot. She sort of trained me, made me feel comfortable on the set.”

The actor added: “There’s a right time for everything. Nothing has changed between us. We will always be good friends. I’ll never cut my ties with Juday. It’s important for me to remember and be grateful to the people who have helped me along the way.”



Baby Antonio Primo gets baptized, son of Iya Villania and Drew Arellano

Manila, Philippines – Antonio Primo the son of Iya Villania and Drew Arellano was baptized on Sunday last November 13.


On Instagram, Sid Maderazo a friend of Drew who is a commercial and TV director, shared photos from the happy occasion, held at the Christ The King Church in Quezon City. Sid is one of Primo’s godfathers.

Other celebrities present in the event include Jericho Rosales and wife Kim Jones, Ryan Agoncillo, and TV host Paolo Abrera, who came with wife Suzi.

Drew thanked everyone for being there for his son on this important day.

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“Thank you ninongs, ninangs, friends and family for spending the afternoon with us,” he wrote.

Iya also posted a thank you message.

“Thanks to yesterday’s event, sumobra ako sa asukal at chika at napaos tuloy ako! (had too much sugar, chatting and ended up with a hoarse voice) Thank you to all the ninongs, ninangs, friends and family that spent the afternoon with us .Our boy is lucky to be loved by all of you Thank you Lord for allowing this to all come together for these rookie parents!”

Iya and Drew welcomed Primo last August 30, the couple’s first child who got married last January 2014.